How Can We Protect Endangered Life?


We could protect them and help them by volunteering and donating foods that they really need. You could help anyone if it’s in danger for example animals,people ,and plants by calling services police and 111.

If it’s an animal that you need or want to save you could call animal service or help it yourself. You could help it yourself by taking good care of it by giving it some food and water. You could also use binoculars to see what type of birds that are in danger that you can save and you also can use traps so we could capture some pests.

And if it’s a plant you want to save you could give it water and some food so it could be healthier and stronger than some other plants.

If you want to save a person that’s getting abused you can call police and 199 and some services or if it’s a person that is sick or needs trans blood you could donate your blood if you want to.

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