Month: December 2022

Unleash Your Art #3

Hi my name is Angel and I had tried out a new activity from SLJ site. I had a new picture and this one is about Christmas a girl who is standing opening gifts alone. I chose  this picture because I think it’s pretty and I am really interested on the picture.


Unleash Your Art #2

This is my second time doing an art picture from the SLJ site. I picked this one because it reminds me of something that came in my dream, this picture reminded me of this pattern painted on a vase at the hospital. I like this image because of the beautiful patterns it has and how it is symmetrical on each side.

Unleash Your Inner Art

Hi my name is Angel and it’s my first time trying out a new activity from the SLJ site. I have done a picture with a lady standing in front of an old wall looking towards the front. I picked this picture because she is pretty and interesting to look at and maybe there might be history behind this picture as well.