My Passion Project

My Passion Project


Me and two of my friends decided to make a passion project about Filipinos mythical creatures in term 2. At first it was only me who was doing it until my teacher mentioned it to the whole class. Then one of my friends asked me if he could join because he also knows about mythical creatures so I agreed.


A few weeks later one of my friends also asked me if she could also join and I agreed. Me and my friends are still working on it but some people would still ask us if they can read it.I still hope that other people would like to join because I really like working together.


I made the passion project because I’m hoping that Filipinos get more along with working with each other. Plus I just like to tell others  about Filipinos’ horror history. I really like how I get to research about some of them.


I would like to present one of my passion project files: 



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