School Trip


In the morning I ate my breakfast get ready and went to school when I got to school I change my clothes I hang with some girls me and the girls do walking playing and chatting we talk about what are we gonna do in weekend what we did in the morning.

We came inside and we did Karakia and Mr.Bell introduced us to Chris Judd and he taught us how to keep Kiwi,Trees,Birds and he showed us a Possum skin and traps footprints of animals like Cat,Rat and Possum and so many else.

We had a fast Morning Tea while we are having a Morning Tea My friend just talk till Morning Tea ended and we need to go to the bus and while I’m at the bus Me and My friends are just laughing joking chatting and singing and we didn’t even notice that we are at the @Corn Wall Park we take a Picture and separated into two groups.

And We saw traps sheep and use binocular and while I’m using binocular I see Birds and one of my classmates and then we switch groups while we switch groups and we had a bush walk and I eat edible leaves and saw traps when we are done with the bush walk we saw so many Trees flower and we had lunch.

When we are done eating lunch we play games and it’s time to go back to school while We are on the bus. My friend and I sing and chat. When we arrived at school we had a break and we set traps in the school and did a Karakia and that’s My day.

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  1. Talofa Angel Estherose here you have done a fantastic job explaining what happened on your trip and how it went. I am happy with the effort you have put into this and the hard work you have done. Have a wonderful day and God Bless.

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