The Magical Book

The Magical Book


There’s me again, a silent awkward girl,ohh if only there was a way to change everything. Hi I’m Laura and this is my story on how my wish came true. I was casually  walking in the school hallway alone as always. Tomorrow will be my birthday. Soon I’m turning  16 uhh what’s the point of celebrating my wish will never come true anyways.


The sun always hurts my eyes in the morning. I hate it. I should change the position of my bedroom. Damn I’m 16 now I grow up fast, real fast. Ohhh well it’s just going to be a normal day anyways. What’s this a stupid book ohh well your mine now I can use you for my drawing. Hmmm let’s see what I can draw about head phones. They all done ouch what’s this headphones.


Is this true or is this my imagination? OMG! It’s real umm how about another drawing uhh a-h-h hair clip no way this is real. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I think I’m going to keep it a secret for now.  This is so cool it actually gave me a new phone. This is live.  How about real gold? I’m rich.


Three days later and it’s a bit boring now sure I can have everything I want but I still have no friends. Maybe it can’t actually buy happiness. I will leave you here for now, maybe I can just use you for emergencies.  You know what, I am now going to make things happen by myself. I’m going to make friends by myself and earn things that I want by myself


My Passion Project

My Passion Project


Me and two of my friends decided to make a passion project about Filipinos mythical creatures in term 2. At first it was only me who was doing it until my teacher mentioned it to the whole class. Then one of my friends asked me if he could join because he also knows about mythical creatures so I agreed.


A few weeks later one of my friends also asked me if she could also join and I agreed. Me and my friends are still working on it but some people would still ask us if they can read it.I still hope that other people would like to join because I really like working together.


I made the passion project because I’m hoping that Filipinos get more along with working with each other. Plus I just like to tell others  about Filipinos’ horror history. I really like how I get to research about some of them.


I would like to present one of my passion project files: 



Swimming Recount

Swimming Recount


We started our swimming lessons on the first of August and ended on the 14th of August. In our first lesson we had to change some subjects because we had swimming lessons. The time passed and the girls had to go to Room 8 to change. After we changed into our swimming clothes we ate our lunch and just played.


We just waited for the kids to come back for a few minutes and we were there. They made us line up and ask all of us who’s confident and a pro. I didn’t put my hand up because I wasn’t confident and a pro at swimming so I got sent to lane one. There were three lane lane one was for not confident people and lane two was for confident people then lastly lane 3 it’s for the people who are pro’s.


My first coach was Crissy or that’s what she wanted us to call her. She was really nice and patient to others who were struggling. We first learned to float and how to swim with board on without touching the ground.Every end of the lesson we would jump and at first I was really scared to jump. I got the hang of jumping every last session that I jump more than once.


The day before our last day we get to practice survival and we also get to be on a boat. All the lanes were removed so all the lanes can swim together. On our last day we had a normal session but I still enjoyed it. We got to jump so many times and have a race. I liked that their coaches are patient with the kids who are still learning. I enjoyed the lessons because it’s really fun and I actually learned a lot. 




NZ Animal Adaptations

NZ Animal Adaptations


What Are Adaptations?


Adaptation changes or when a living animal or human has to change because of the seasons or because of the weather. Adaptation can also be in forms or changing of a living. For example humans have body hair to survive the cold. Like a Kiwi they used to fly but now they can’t because back then there were no predators and their food was always in the ground. But now they got used to not flying and there are now predator.


NZ Animals Adaptation-Tui


A tui was first found by the Europeans in the year 1770 at Queens Charlotte on the North Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Same years as Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific Ocean. They only eat nectar from plants. They have curved beaks because it fits perfectly in the flower. When they’re getting the plant’s nectar.


These are some facts about the tui. The name Tui came from the Maori language. Tui’s are famous because they are one of most known pollinators. Because they can fly a large distance and for pollinating some of the native trees.


Tui’s learned how to adapt in the environment by giving birth to a lot of them. Along with just eating insects.They used to suffer a lot because of rats,ferrets,stoats, and because there were predators.


NZ Animals adaptation-Kiwi 


Kiwis are New Zealand’s birds. They are famous because they are one of the birds who can’t fly. They used to fly but they decided to adapt to not fly because there were no predators back then and no humans to haunt them. They were so used to not flying that they can’t fly anymore.They learned to adapt in their environment by having whiskers to feel what’s around them at night. They also have long breaks to navigate in the night.


NZ Animal Adaptation- Kina


Kina’s have spikey and strong shells  to protect what’s inside it.They would mostly be found in seaweeds.  Some people think that they don’t have a life but they are actually alive because they eat and move. They learned to adapt in their environment by having hard shells to protect them.


Tsunami Cycle

Tsunami Cycle

Tsunami is a wave that could kill or drown you. If it’s big enough it can even destroy your house or destroy buildings.


Tsunamis happen because of the square waves. Square waves are caused by the wind. If the wind crashes together a square wave would be made because the wave would follow the wind. So if the wind crashes together the waves would also crash into each other.


 A Tsunami can also happen when an earthquake starts. Because the bottom  of the Ocean is still ground so if the bottom of the Ocean broke it would also move the water that would cause a tsunami. If the earthquake became so strong it would also make a much bigger and more deadly tsunami.


There are many causes of tsunamis and one of them is this. A volcanic eruption can also cause tsunamis because the sea still has a ground and volcanoes are connected to the ground. It’s just like an earthquake but earthquakes are also caused by volcanoes. So that shows us that the earth and nature will always be connected to each other. 


To stay away from a tsunami make sure that there are no square waves. Because that’s one way to make a tsunami.Make sure that the wave is fine because it’s too aggressive it might drown you. Or make  a really big wave to make a tsunami.Make sure that there are live guards or experts to alert people if a tsunami is coming.


The biggest tsunami that ever happened in history was in Lituya Bay in Spirit Lake 1958. It had reached a height of 1720 ft. Then run up to 520 metres.



Dragon Keeper Thoughts

1.)Can Danzi be trusted?


Yes he can be trusted. He lied because he knows that if you come back there you’re going to get killed. You’re his only friend, he already lost his last one so trust him. Imagine you and him safe out on the beach having the best time ever. You get to have that because he lies to you he only wants what’s best for you.


2.)Is Danzi  Ping’s friend?


Of Course they had been on this journey for so long and the journey was not even finished. I’m sure you guys will be friends forever I can see that.

Dragon Keeper- The Last Dragon Back story

I woke up just normal as always a sad and alone day.If it wasn’t for my wife I would just let myself  fall on a cliff. My beautiful wife good morning….my wife why are you not responding to me are you okay? That was the last time I saw my wife I cried silently and went more back inside the cave. I saw someone coming and they suddenly dragged my wife out. NOOO! stop it what are you doing.

I saw my wife getting tortured in front of my own two eyes. I still have some of my powers i looked in the girl’s eyes and put out some of the words that she doesn’t even understand. My control broke because I saw my wife getting dragged out of our cave, I howled and cried so hard until it was night. I saw my own partner getting cut and cooked in front of me.

I use my powers to communicate with the other animals to tell them that their leader has died. The only comfort that I can do is imagine myself blowing fire and burning them all. Especially Master lan and that girl because if it wasn’t for her taking our food last night she might survive. But you know what at least my partner is in the right place now where she belongs.

When the right time arrived I would control that girl then leave with her and burn this down place until all the people forget that there was even a place in here.



My Matariki Post

Last term my teacher asked us to do a project about Matariki Stars. Matariki stars are the legendary stars in New Zealand It is celebrated every year on the 7th of July. Some stars represent the meaning of life and some are guardians.I worked in groups of three I did the drawing while they did the design and writing. I enjoyed doing this project because I like drawing  and learning about other countries history.This is my group’s presentation of the

Dragon Keeper

Dragon Keeper


Dragon keeper is a book and My teacher gave me and the rest of the class a project to draw that is connected to the book. The four legendary animals in China were the Giant Tortoise,Red Phoenix,Quilin, and a dragon. I decided to draw all of them. It took me three days to finish My work but if you ask me it was actually fun because I like drawing. I had an idea of making this as My new blog post because I haven’t posted for a while.