Dragon Keeper Thoughts

1.)Can Danzi be trusted?


Yes he can be trusted. He lied because he knows that if you come back there you’re going to get killed. You’re his only friend, he already lost his last one so trust him. Imagine you and him safe out on the beach having the best time ever. You get to have that because he lies to you he only wants what’s best for you.


2.)Is Danzi  Ping’s friend?


Of Course they had been on this journey for so long and the journey was not even finished. I’m sure you guys will be friends forever I can see that.

Dragon Keeper- The Last Dragon Back story

I woke up just normal as always a sad and alone day.If it wasn’t for my wife I would just let myself  fall on a cliff. My beautiful wife good morning….my wife why are you not responding to me are you okay? That was the last time I saw my wife I cried silently and went more back inside the cave. I saw someone coming and they suddenly dragged my wife out. NOOO! stop it what are you doing.

I saw my wife getting tortured in front of my own two eyes. I still have some of my powers i looked in the girl’s eyes and put out some of the words that she doesn’t even understand. My control broke because I saw my wife getting dragged out of our cave, I howled and cried so hard until it was night. I saw my own partner getting cut and cooked in front of me.

I use my powers to communicate with the other animals to tell them that their leader has died. The only comfort that I can do is imagine myself blowing fire and burning them all. Especially Master lan and that girl because if it wasn’t for her taking our food last night she might survive. But you know what at least my partner is in the right place now where she belongs.

When the right time arrived I would control that girl then leave with her and burn this down place until all the people forget that there was even a place in here.



My Matariki Post

Last term my teacher asked us to do a project about Matariki Stars. Matariki stars are the legendary stars in New Zealand It is celebrated every year on the 7th of July. Some stars represent the meaning of life and some are guardians.I worked in groups of three I did the drawing while they did the design and writing. I enjoyed doing this project because I like drawing  and learning about other countries history.This is my group’s presentation of the

Dragon Keeper

Dragon Keeper


Dragon keeper is a book and My teacher gave me and the rest of the class a project to draw that is connected to the book. The four legendary animals in China were the Giant Tortoise,Red Phoenix,Quilin, and a dragon. I decided to draw all of them. It took me three days to finish My work but if you ask me it was actually fun because I like drawing. I had an idea of making this as My new blog post because I haven’t posted for a while.

My Recount Of Ki O Rahi

My Recount Of Ki O Rahi


Hi I’m Angel and I’m recounting the tournament of Ki O Rahi. Yesterday, the tournament began. There were four teams: totara, rimu, kauri, and rata. Our teacher said that we would be put in our colour houses. We did our karakia then we started to do our R.E, for R.E we had to make posters for our wall design.Then we changed into our P.E gears.


I didn’t get to finish it because I have to go to a program with some other students. The program finished, then we had our morning tea, then my teacher had planned an assembly to check if we were on the right team. It finished so I just played with my friend on the court and in the grass. Morning tea ended and the fun began. Some of the students got sent back to class including me.


In class we started to do a Kahoot quiz. Our teacher said if we finished the Kahoot quiz we could watch. It felt so long to finish it then finally I did it I finished it.I went outside to watch it was almost finished. The next round I was playing with rimu. I put my tag on and I keep catching the ball but I don’t know what to do but I still enjoyed.The round ends then I just watch them for the next round.


Lunch started as usual. I just hung out with My friends for the last round. I watched half of it then I went inside the classroom. We cleaned up then I heard that kauri wins and totara. My team is in the top 2 but I was actually happy for them. We went down the gate and that’s how the tournament ended.



My Prototec Diploma

My Prototect Diploma 


It has been 4 days since My teacher told us about a site called Protect. The site is all about maths and it helps Me to be more good at math. I was on stage 5 five but now I’m going to be on stage 6 six. I’m really happy about it because it means I’m being more good at My math.

What I Like And Dislike About online

What I Like And Dislike About Online


What I like about online is that you can communicate with other people that you know in person like when I was still not here in New Zealand and My parents were already here. I got to communicate with them online.But there is also something I don’t like about online that is also about communicating like you can talk to strangers that can lead you in danger that’s why you need  to be careful. Like don’t just give your name,info, and some other personal stuff.


I also don’t like bullies online and being in the middle of a drama and sometimes people would ask which side you would be and they are both your friends.I don’t like some app because of the info that you need to tell them before you use it and also the low privacy and the quality.


I like the fact that you can order things and foods online like stuff for school or things like it’s your choice as long as you pay for it.I like the fact that you can play games online because it can cure boredom and you can choose what game you would play.I like it when the online app has a high privacy so some people won’t know my identity and some of My info.


My Experience Of Epro8

My experience Of Epro8


On Monday the eighth of may we went inside the classroom and found a big black box inside. It was a tool for us to use. My teacher explained  everything to us and he gave us a book for us to see if we were on the right track. We had to choose a team name for our group. In my team there were four 4 people we are called The Transformer. I won’t mention their names for privacy.


Second day we did our karakis and our teacher said we were building a hut for today. We had the same group as yesterday. My team got an idea of building a tall tower. We did it but then our teacher said we had to take it down because it got so tall that we needed a chair so that  we might get into an accident and get injured so badly. Morning tea ends and we fully take down the hut. Some of the students got taken back home because of the rain. We cleaned everything and just played silent ball, we did our prayer then went down to the gate.


Wednesday morning we had managed to build another hut and ive had to take it down to build a dump truck. We  didn’t get to finish it because of the morning tea webcam back inside to finish it. It took us two days to finish it but it was fun and exciting. Bell rang and we  had to go outside to have lunch.


Thursday we didn’t do Epro8 because year sevens had to go to Tech that includes Me. When we came back at school we did writing till the bell rang for lunch, we had a wet lunch and just played inside. Since we didn’t use Epro8 I’m just going to tell you what the equipment that we used for all the projects that we did. The equipment were Red joiners,Blue joiners, Metal sticks, and Wing nut and bolts.


On Friday we finished the dump truck. We had to collect everything that we use for all of the equipment that we use for every project. We collected the box and made a line. People take the boxes to the office so we can send them back. That’s the end of My Epro8 project.