Swimming Recount

Swimming Recount


We started our swimming lessons on the first of August and ended on the 14th of August. In our first lesson we had to change some subjects because we had swimming lessons. The time passed and the girls had to go to Room 8 to change. After we changed into our swimming clothes we ate our lunch and just played.


We just waited for the kids to come back for a few minutes and we were there. They made us line up and ask all of us who’s confident and a pro. I didn’t put my hand up because I wasn’t confident and a pro at swimming so I got sent to lane one. There were three lane lane one was for not confident people and lane two was for confident people then lastly lane 3 it’s for the people who are pro’s.


My first coach was Crissy or that’s what she wanted us to call her. She was really nice and patient to others who were struggling. We first learned to float and how to swim with board on without touching the ground.Every end of the lesson we would jump and at first I was really scared to jump. I got the hang of jumping every last session that I jump more than once.


The day before our last day we get to practice survival and we also get to be on a boat. All the lanes were removed so all the lanes can swim together. On our last day we had a normal session but I still enjoyed it. We got to jump so many times and have a race. I liked that their coaches are patient with the kids who are still learning. I enjoyed the lessons because it’s really fun and I actually learned a lot. 




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  1. Kia ora Angel! I like the descriptive writing and the photo. It makes it easier to picture what was happening. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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