On Tuesday March 12 2024 my class went to  Akarana Yacht Club to go sailing in Okahu Bay. It was part of the New Navigators programme and our instructors’ names were Hattie, Lola, Jake, Nico, and Kim. All of them were really fun to be with. They gave us special gear for when we were to get into the water so we wouldn’t get cold or drown! It was a helmet, rash shirt, waterproof jacket, and a life vest. 


The first boat I got to be in was a speed boat. It was really fun. I had an instructor and my teacher with me. They also gave me a water gun which I used to squirt all my classmates as they sailed around. My second boat was called an Optimist boat. I got to sail in the boat by myself. It was scary at first but I got used to it and had fun. The last boat I had been on was called a Quest. It was like the Optimist boat but a bigger version of it. It was exciting when I was on the Quest boat especially while using the water guns.


It was perfect weather that day. It wasn’t too sunny or too rainy. The current wasn’t too strong, just calm and that helped me a lot when I was sailing by myself. 


The last activity we did was swimming in the sea. All of us had to jump in the water off the pontoon. Some people didn’t know how to swim or were scared but it wasn’t a problem since we had life vests on. We finished all the activities and that’s all we did. It was such a nice experience. I’m very thankful that my class got to go sailing. Thank you to St John’s Rotary for sponsoring our class giving us the opportunity to experience sailing. 


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