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Zoo: The New Place

The moment I stepped into my new place my heart was filled with warm excitement. Chirping from the colourful flying bird invades my ears. It even has a pond,just for me. The water was so clean that I could see myself, it was like standing in a mirror. The fresh air filled my nose with such joy. I’m in a better place. The soft green grass felt like pillows on my feet and  beneath my tongue there were tingles from the cold air. I am still in disbelief that this is my place now. 

My Why Poem

This is a poem that I wrote about my memories and life treasures that happened to me in both the past and the present. This poem makes me remember my loved ones in many different ways. Limy first family photo. I admit, some moments were sad and some were good. This poem helped me show my life journeys in a different way.


Stations Of The Cross

Have you ever been a part of Stations of the Cross in your School before? Last week we experienced it as a class. Every year my School in Term 1 reenacts the time Jesus died for us; a play called Stations Of The Cross. I played a woman called Veronica, the woman who wiped the blood, sweat, and tears off Jesus before he was about to be  crucified. I enjoyed being Veronica, it was mostly about being in the costumes that made it more exciting. It felt like I was really there experiencing everything that was happening.


The end of the play was silent until the singing, where Daniel sang ‘Were You There.’ This was the perfect way to an ending. All I heard was silence and his beautiful glorious voice.


On Tuesday March 12 2024 my class went to  Akarana Yacht Club to go sailing in Okahu Bay. It was part of the New Navigators programme and our instructors’ names were Hattie, Lola, Jake, Nico, and Kim. All of them were really fun to be with. They gave us special gear for when we were to get into the water so we wouldn’t get cold or drown! It was a helmet, rash shirt, waterproof jacket, and a life vest. 


The first boat I got to be in was a speed boat. It was really fun. I had an instructor and my teacher with me. They also gave me a water gun which I used to squirt all my classmates as they sailed around. My second boat was called an Optimist boat. I got to sail in the boat by myself. It was scary at first but I got used to it and had fun. The last boat I had been on was called a Quest. It was like the Optimist boat but a bigger version of it. It was exciting when I was on the Quest boat especially while using the water guns.


It was perfect weather that day. It wasn’t too sunny or too rainy. The current wasn’t too strong, just calm and that helped me a lot when I was sailing by myself. 


The last activity we did was swimming in the sea. All of us had to jump in the water off the pontoon. Some people didn’t know how to swim or were scared but it wasn’t a problem since we had life vests on. We finished all the activities and that’s all we did. It was such a nice experience. I’m very thankful that my class got to go sailing. Thank you to St John’s Rotary for sponsoring our class giving us the opportunity to experience sailing. 


Making Lent Meaningful

I chose this photo for lent because it makes me remember that you can fast and give up some of the bad things in your life even when the 40 days of Lent are done. It makes me feel like I can still do good things in my everyday life to continue changing and becoming better.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis was born on 17 December 1936 in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We call him Pope Francis but his full name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Why doesn’t his name have Francis? He chose his name in of Saint Francis Of Assisi who lived a humble life and dedicated it to the poor.


 Pope Francis is 87 years old and is famous for his humility and concern for the poor.  Pope Francis also loves to communicate with younger children and one funny thing he does is that he likes to take selfies of himself. Before he became a Priest and then a Pope he was a seminary teacher and bouncer. He graduated studying German Technology. Pope Francis was also a janitor when he was a teenager.


Did you know that the leader of the Church may live in the magnificent Vatican City but he chooses not to. He has no possessions. His declaration of poverty deprives him of all material possessions.


      Pope Francis encourages young and old people to restore hope and to be open to the future, to spread love just like how Jesus loves us. He spreads the word of God to both young and old.