Month: April 2024

My Why Poem

This is a poem that I wrote about my memories and life treasures that happened to me in both the past and the present. This poem makes me remember my loved ones in many different ways. Limy first family photo. I admit, some moments were sad and some were good. This poem helped me show my life journeys in a different way.


Stations Of The Cross

Have you ever been a part of Stations of the Cross in your School before? Last week we experienced it as a class. Every year my School in Term 1 reenacts the time Jesus died for us; a play called Stations Of The Cross. I played a woman called Veronica, the woman who wiped the blood, sweat, and tears off Jesus before he was about to be  crucified. I enjoyed being Veronica, it was mostly about being in the costumes that made it more exciting. It felt like I was really there experiencing everything that was happening.


The end of the play was silent until the singing, where Daniel sang ‘Were You There.’ This was the perfect way to an ending. All I heard was silence and his beautiful glorious voice.