Month: September 2022

Mission Day

23 September

In the Morning we as a school had a school assembly with all the teachers and students from the other classes, after finishing the school assembly we had a test to do. This test helps us to fundraise money for Holy Angels Orphange by getting sponsored by our parents or our family members to help. Our class Rm7  had done a Te Reo Athon test, learning to spell words in Te reo Moari and  to translate to english.  After that we had morning tea and we had  a chance to buy some raffle tickets to help raise money for the Holy Angels orphanage.

We had come back into our class room and watched a movie while our teacher checks our score from the test the movie that we were watching was Spirited away, we were about to finish it but the bell ring for lunch and we still had a chnace to buy raffle ticket again. After that we came back to class  and we finished off the movie.

We did a clean up of our class and went to the canopy and had another school assembly.