The Magical Flower

The Magical Flower


Back in those days when fairy still existed there was a magical flower that gave you all the powers you wanted and many people tried to get it but they couldn’t  because it’s so far.


The legend says they will never reach it because the fairy is guarding it. 


The fairy named Amira is the princess in fairy land but little did they know that the legend is about to be changed because of a boy named July.


July is a boy that is known for being shy and kind and he heard about the magical flower and wanted to go and get it.


On his first day of trying to find the magical flower he meets a girl named Amira and yes it was the princess Amira but he doesn’t have an idea that princess Amira is gonna be his whole journey.


And this also happened to those people who tried to get the magical flower and July is really happy to have someone during the journey and the first time they meet they feel weird because they feel sparks but they didn’t say anything.


When it was already one week of their journey and they are really getting close and Amira is getting sad because she would soon leave and she keep it a secret


On the other hand July is already catching feelings  for Amira but keep it a secret also while they were walking they fell into a trap that the fairy made and Amira was so scared because July would find out that she was a fairy that meeting him was just a test if he deserved the flower.


And soon the fairy was there and the fairy called Amira and July was shocked that Amira and the fairy knew each other and Amira explained everything and July just kept quiet and said it was ok even though he was really upset because he still wanted to see Amira that he would soon confess and he soon did and Amira also say that she likes July but her Mother the queen of the fairy land didn’t agree and got mad and lock July up.


But Amira didn’t listen so that night they escaped and took the magical flower but Amira didn’t know what would happen if you took the magical flower.


But when you took the flower you would turn into a flower. And they both turned into gold dust and as they were turning  into a flower  they said  to each other they would always stay together and they turned into a flower and had their peace.

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